Homework WB 28-3-22

Homework set on Wednesday 30th March is as follows:

Maths pg 55-56

Spelling Y5/6 Spelling list (see below)

Also, we would like the children to complete an additional maths activity, as detailed below...

Over the Easter break, we would like you to either collect or research data and present it in a chart of your choice (pictogram, bar chart, line graph, pie chart etc). Think carefully about whether your data is discrete or continuous and which chart will show the data in the clearest way.

Once you have completed your chart, please write between 5-10 questions for someone else to answer. We have provided squared paper if you need it. Please make sure that you draw your chart rather than use a computer to generate it.


Ideas for data to collect:


  • FAVOURITES (it could be sports, hobbies, pets, computer games, ice cream flavours etc)
  • TIME TAKEN to travel to school each day
  • DISTANCE TRAVELLED on a journey
  • TEMPERATURE in 2 different cities around the world across 12 months of the year
  • POPULATION in a city over a number of years
  • POPULATION of an endangered species over a number of years


We look forward to seeing your work!


Y6 Team

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