Easter holidays are here

The Easter holidays are upon us. Time to relax and rest after a whole term of hard work.

Grimm and Co

This week Y6RJ and Y6SP have visited Grimm and Co. To say the children liked it is an understatement. It was a joy to see the children engaging their wild imaginations to create crazy characters and wacky story lines. From a nine tailed dog the size of Meadowhall; a lady with a pink beard riding a flying, rocket boosted wheelchair; to a middle aged person, with no hair who is incredibly grumpy…oh wait! The children wrote their own endings and they were presented with the story in a nice published book – we hope you all enjoyed them.


Staff News

Over the Easter holidays, our very own Miss Norris will say her nuptials and become Mrs Hopkins. It came as a shock to us all as she never mentioned the wedding every single day. In sad news for the remaining staff and children in Year 6, their dearly beloved and favourite teacher, Mr Shaw, has left – a celebration was held to honour him on Thursday. Children sang songs, wrote memories and wept in an emotional farewell to the legendary teacher.

We all hope you have a fantastic break whatever you do. Enjoy the rest and get ready for your last ever term at Lydgate Juniors.

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