Y6 Apprentice Sale

On behalf of the Y6 staff and pupils, can we say a huge thankyou to all the parents, grandparents, staff members and lovely enthusiastic and generous children who supported our Y6 Apprentice Sale today. The atmosphere was incredible and it was obvious that the Y6s had come well prepared with support from their families, so thank you for this.

Thank you to everyone for being so flexible and understanding of us changing your timetables and taking up spaces that you might have needed. We just appreciate all the support that you have given us, to allow for this very memorable experience to take place. An incredible… £1,289.98 has been raised which will go towards the Y6s Residential to Edale in July, so thanks for your generosity.




Without further ado, we will announce the winners from several stalls:


Well done to:

Rosie 5NL– You have won a ‘colour your own mug’ from NINARCH ENTERPRIZES.

1ST Oliver B 5NC – Guessed the closest number of jellybeans in a jar… 581.

2nd prize goes to Josh 6SW and 3rd Jacob G 5NL.

1ST George 6SW Guessed the number of lego bricks in a jar… 405, 2nd Taha 4JP, 3rd Sophie 5WR.

Tilly 3DdB won some teddies for guessing the teddy’s name, ‘Logan’.

Theran 3SH won ‘Hegwig the owl’.

Karma 5BB and Sarah 3DdB both guessed the teddy’s name, ‘Peachy’.

Betty’s mum (6RJ) won The Pirate Treasure Map game.

Olive’s mum (Y3RH) won the Popcorn game with a close guess of 506 and the actual number was 507.

Jakub 6HN won a football tournament.

Chase 3AW won guess the number of sweets in the jar.


Well done! The prizes should be with those children this afternoon.


Thanks again from the Y6 Staff and pupils.

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