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We are the children in Y6 at Lydgate Junior School. There are 120 of us and our teachers are: Mrs Shaw and Mrs Watkinson (Y6S/W); Mrs Rougvie and Mrs Jones (Y6R/J); Mrs Phillips & Mr Shaw (Y6SP); and Miss Norris (Y6HN). Also teaching in Year 6 are: Miss Lee (Thursday in Y6SP); Mrs Farrell (Thursday  in Y6HN) and Mrs Grimsley (Thursday in Y6R/J).We are also very lucky to be helped by Mrs Hill, Mr Daw, Mr Jenkinson, Ms Kania and Mr Swain. We use this space to share all of the great things that are happening in our classrooms. Join us each week on our learning journey...

What Y6 have been up to this week...

Published: Apr 26, 2020

We have loved seeing what the Year 6 children have been up to this week - they know how to keep themselves busy. In maths, they have been looking into the Fibonacci sequence. This is a sequence that is made by adding the two previous numbers together, ie: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 etcWhen we use…

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Home Learning Week beginning 20/4/20

Published: Apr 17, 2020

Hello to all of our Year 6 children. We hope that you have had a good week and have been looking after yourselves and your families. We are sure that the sunshine and Easter chocolate has helped! Remember to keep active (see Mr Bradshaw's ideas for keeping fit this week in your email), keep reading and…

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Easter Holidays - what Y6 have been up to.

Published: Apr 11, 2020

Whilst we have been staying at home and staying safe this Easter holiday, the Y6 children have been keeping themselves busy with all sorts of activities. The Y6 teachers have loved hearing all about what they have been up to, which has included: a virtual Scout camp; some DIY; baking biscuits; painting…

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Learning from Home Activities Summer 1 Week 1 WB 13/4/20

Published: Apr 10, 2020

Y6 Learning from home – Summer Term, Week 1 (WB 13/4/20) **Please let us know if you have any difficulties opening any of the attachments and we will endeavour to sort it out. You should have received a link to access the files on Y6 GDrive** Here are some suggested activitiesfor learning at home this…

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Cracking Decorated Egg Entries

Published: Apr 09, 2020

A big well done to all of our children who have created 'Decorated Egg Entries' this year. It is not our usual competition but we have been impressed with the entries. Take a look... Catherine - Rabbit and the moon. Courtney - Spring-time Easter scene. Eve - Keeping fit and healthy: PE with Joe Wicks.…

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A message from the staff

Published: Mar 20, 2020

From all the staff at Lydgate, We'll be there for you. Stay safe.

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Stars of the Week

Published: Mar 12, 2020

We are really proud of our Y6 children, who have been working really hard this term. Here are some of the children who have impressed us so much that they have been awarded the 'Star of the Week'. Well done!

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March 6th 2020 World Book Day

Published: Mar 05, 2020

As part of World Book Day all the Year 6s competed in a Scavenger Hunt, which involved running around the school grounds with clues to find anagrams of well known book titles. 6SW varied in their timing from an impressive 8:01 minutes (Roneth & Robert) to over 30 minutes. We have enjoyed hearing about,…

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Friday 17th January

Published: Jan 16, 2020

In Year 6, we have been reading fantastic, short suspense stories to help to inspire us with writing our own. We have identified the features of suspense stories and we now understand how they are structured. We noticed that many suspense stories end with a cliff hanger ending, leaving the reader intrigued…

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Crucial Crew

Published: Jan 09, 2020

Happy New Year! Firstly, welcome back to Mrs Phillips who has returned from her maternity leave back to Year 6.The Year has started well with a fantastic visit to Crucial Crew, which has given the children lots to be thinking about. The visit covered the following aspects:• Road safety• How to travel…

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