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We are the children in Y6 at Lydgate Junior School. There are 120 of us and our teachers are: Mrs Shaw and Mrs Watkinson (Y6S/W); Mrs Rougvie and Mrs Jones (Y6R/J); Mrs Phillips & Mr Shaw (Y6SP); and Miss Norris (Y6HN). Also teaching in Year 6 are: Miss Lee (Thursday in Y6SP); Mrs Farrell (Thursday  in Y6HN) and Mrs Grimsley (Thursday in Y6R/J).We are also very lucky to be helped by Mrs Hill, Mr Daw, Mr Jenkinson, Ms Kania and Mr Swain. We use this space to share all of the great things that are happening in our classrooms. Join us each week on our learning journey...

Choir: Where We Belong

Published: Oct 22, 2021


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Shakespeare Visit

Published: Oct 22, 2021

Shakespeare Visit

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Homework WB 18-10-21

Published: Oct 20, 2021

The following homework pages have been assigned on 20-10-21


Maths pg 17

Reading pg 10 and 11

SPaG pg 41 and 32

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15th of October - Week 6

Published: Oct 15, 2021

We have been working super hard in Y6 this week, we have been completing some assessments and our teachers are really proud of how hard we have worked. 

In English, we have also been working on our first piece of best writing which is a flash back story based on a child travelling on the Kindertransport. 


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Homework 6-10-21

Published: Oct 08, 2021

Maths pg 13 and 15

Reading pg 26 and 27

SPaG pg 42 and 10


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The National Holocaust Centre

Published: Oct 08, 2021

This week, Year 6 visited the National Holocaust Centre as part of our topic on World War II. Firstly, we heard the first-hand story of a holocause survivor, called Henry. We learnt about how his parents protected him by finding another family to look after him who were not Jewish. We were able to…

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6RJ this week

Published: Oct 01, 2021

1st October

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Y6 Stars of the week

Published: Oct 01, 2021

Well done to last week's Year 6 Stars of the week. 

We have had another exciting and busy week in Year 6. In maths we have been exploring properties of numbers such as whether they are prime numbers, composite…

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Bikeability, Black holes and Brilliance in Y6

Published: Oct 01, 2021

Many of our Year 6s have really benefited this week from the Bikeability sessions, which have helped to teach practical cycling skills and has given them the understanding and expertise they need to ride their bikes on the road. The sessions were safe and enjoyable. Well done Y6s!

We also…

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Homework 29/9/21

Published: Sep 29, 2021

This week's homework pages are:

Maths pg 11 and 12

Reading pg 8 and 9

SPaG pg 15 and 30


This week's spellings are:
















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