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We are the children in Y6 at Lydgate Junior School. There are 120 of us and our teachers are: Mrs Shaw and Mrs Watkinson (Y6S/W); Mrs Rougvie and Mrs Jones (Y6R/J); Mrs Phillips & Mr Shaw (Y6SP); and Miss Norris (Y6HN). Also teaching in Year 6 are: Miss Lee (Thursday in Y6SP); Mrs Farrell (Thursday  in Y6HN) and Mrs Grimsley (Thursday in Y6R/J).We are also very lucky to be helped by Mrs Hill, Mr Daw, Mr Jenkinson, Ms Kania and Mr Swain. We use this space to share all of the great things that are happening in our classrooms. Join us each week on our learning journey...

Our first week in Y6

Published: Sep 10, 2021

It has been a great week  as we have adapted to being Year 6s really well. We are getting to know our classrooms, Year 6 expectations and we are enjoying being able to play with friends from other year 6 classes at break and lunch times again.

This week we have written poems about ourselves…

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Y6 Homework 8/9/21

Published: Sep 10, 2021

This week's homework pages are as follows:

Maths pg 6 and 7

Reading pg 6 and 7

SPaG pg 6


Completed homework is due on Wednesday 15th September


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Football Tournament

Published: Jul 09, 2021

Today all of Y6 took part in a football tournament before the final of the Euros on Sunday night. We had a fantastic time.

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Friday 18th June

Published: Jun 18, 2021

6SW have enjoyed using the iPads to empathise with our tiny borrower characters, which we have been creating. By filming from their viewpoints, it has helped us to imagine a range of difficult scenarios that they could face, such as long grass, tall intimidating steps and everyday wildlife which appears…

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Friday 11th June

Published: Jun 11, 2021

Today we finished our sponsored walk to raise money for our visit to Edale. We really enjoyed ourselves on Tapton field in the sun! Thank you to everyone who has donated! We have included the link later in the blog and any last minute donations are very much appreciated. These four were super speedy…

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HN's Den Day

Published: May 28, 2021


This week we have been learning and writing about volcanoes. We have been writing a piece on volcanoes, and how they are formed. We write about the lithostatic pressure and magma static pressure, also why volcanoes erupt.…

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Y6JS Fun in the Forest

Published: May 28, 2021

As part of outdoor learning outdoor learning, we spent a day in the woods.

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6RJ's Day in the Woods

Published: May 28, 2021

The great day we had with Rohan from Foresteers

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6SW Fantastic Forest Schools

Published: May 28, 2021

The Year 6s have had a fantastic week with many outdoor learning activities, including Maths such as finding different angles in nature and testing hypotheses of heights and widths of trees. There were many challenges which we enjoyed solving.


Each class spent a day completing Forest…

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14th May

Published: May 14, 2021

Global Citizens and poppies art work

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