Friday 11th December


6SW have had a busy week in many ways. We really enjoyed singing for the Residents of Porter Brook Care Home this afternoon and we have enjoyed our rehearsals, even outside in the freezing cold. They sang and played beautifully and should feel very proud of themselves. We are also planning a class Christmas Party for next Friday, so the children can all bring in a snack bag for themselves.

As we have been completing a few SATs-style tests this week, the children have been keen to find out how well they have progressed and many children in 6SW are busy setting goals for themselves. It has been interesting to hear how positive and determined everyone is and we are proud of the results which they have earned. We have discussed possible interventions to help each child to reach their full potential and these will continue throughout the following terms.

In English lessons, we have been peer and self-checking our Lady Macbeth diaries and editing these to include Shakespearean language and accurate grammar and punctuation. This 'self-checking' is becoming an important part of our Y6 Writing progress.


Last week in DT (design technology) we did a topic based on WWII where we used our science knowledge to create shadow puppets. All we needed was a push in the right direction and we were off. We had to choose from Kindertransport or the Battle of Britain as the theme for our shadow puppets. It was great fun. Here is a photo of each group in action:

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