Friday 13th September

World War 2.

In year six this week, we have shared our homework about World War 2. We have also learnt about Anne Frank, who gave us an idea of how tough World War 2 was for some people. We have learnt that the War was cruel and deadly. It has been fascinating to learn about Anne Frank's life and how her Jewish family managed to hide for over two years. It's a shame that her story didn't have a happy ending.

In Y6NL this week, we shared our World War 2 research homework. We made a mini museum in our classroom. People did lots of different kinds of homework: we had bomb shelter models, World War two sweets and rationed cake (yum!), a real Morse Code machine and lots of information to read and look at. It was good fun and we learnt a lot. Here are some pictures of what we did.

In Y6HN this week,we wrote our auto-biographies. It was quite interesting seeing all the events in other people's lives and their different birth places and their life stories (so far). We also received our homework (fun, I know) and are going to write Anne Frank's biography in Literacy next week. We are working towards a biography about someone of our choice as well.Some of our class's choices include Rosa Parks,Winston Churchill and J.K Rowling. We are all also settling in to our new class and enjoying being Y6's (the top of the school!).

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