Friday 15th November

A big well done to our 'Stars of the Week', who have been impressing their teachers with their art, poetry and hard working attitudes. Keep up the great work - we're very proud of you.

Y6S/W's Whole School Art

This term's theme for Whole School Art is fantastic creatures. In Y6S/W, we have been creating night sky/early morning unicorn silhouette pictures. First of all, we created a background with oil pastels. In order to create a sky where the colours merged into each other, we rubbed the top layer of oil pastel off. Then we created the silhouette of the unicorn and scenery using a 4B pencil. Finally, we created stars or stardust using a tippex pen. We are really pleased with the results and can't wait for all of them to be put up around school with many other mythical creatures.

We really enjoyed the production of William Shakespeare's Macbeth on Wednesday. We have been writing and performing our own raps about Macbeth too.

Here are what some of our class thought of the production:

"It was really interesting! At times it was quite scary and made us jump!" (Jake L)

"I liked the violent scenes which included murder." (Isla)

"It was interesting, interactive and at times very funny! I was asked to play the part of one of Macbeth's murderers, and I had to disappear off stage whilst pretending to kill Banquo." (Roneth)

Although Bella found the language difficult to understand, she also really enjoyed it.

"The witches scenes were really impressive!" (Jet)

"I enjoyed the show because it was funny and interactive. I've watched videos of Macbeth before but never really understood it. However, after watching the show I now understand the story." (Eve 6CP)

" I never knew the story of Macbeth, so this was a lovely way to learn the story. My favourite part was when the witches came out of the curtains. It was excellent!" (Zamzam 6CP)

"I enjoyed the part where the witches came along and frightened us all. It was very entertaining and I loved how they made everyone interact telling the story." (Alicia 6CP)

"I really liked Macbeth. It was very good. They involved all of us (the audience), and it was very up beat and fun." (Poppy W 6CP)

I thought the Macbeth performance was brilliant.I loved the fact that all the children could join in and act some of the parts. Alfie Y6NL.

I really liked the Macbeth play because the actors did a good job and so did we. It also looked real. Noraiz Y6NL

I adored the Macbeth play because it was really informative and fun! And the actors were amazing. Eleanor from Y6NL

I loved the performance because the actors and actresses told the story line so well. Milly Y6NL.

I thought that Macbeth was really good. The actors included the year group and got us involved. The actors were great and must of practiced it thoroughly. It was a fantastic morning! - Sam Y6HN

I think the Macbeth play was really interactive and fun. The actors must have practiced a lot to get that good. Also the actors were very funny! - Ben Y6HN

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