Friday 17th January

In Year 6, we have been reading fantastic, short suspense stories to help to inspire us with writing our own. We have identified the features of suspense stories and we now understand how they are structured. We noticed that many suspense stories end with a cliff hanger ending, leaving the reader intrigued as to what will happen next. We can also recognise 'foreshadowing' in texts and these 'hints of danger' can sometimes be misleading, like red herrings - throwing us off the scent, but then as the plot unfolds, another problem creeps in. We are looking forward to writing our own suspense stories.


Recently, we wrote stories based on the mystery genre. It was very different to what we usually do in English. The first activity we did on it was last term (before Christmas) and that was learning about Harris Burdick and his mystery book, which is a mystery in itself, Harris went missing on the night that he showed the pictures to Peter Wenders (author). We enjoyed coming up with ideas based on pictures given to us with a bit of writing on the side, we would pick out a sheet and that was what we were doing. We would only use the sheets as small foundations though because we would add a lot of our own ideas, characters and settings.

We have now moved on to writing our own suspense stories using the Alma video clip. We have used different writing techniques to keep our readers on edge and keep them guessing about what is going to happen next. We are really enjoying writing these!

Lewis 6AP
Room 13!

This week westarted to read a book called Room 13. This book is a mystery story andsuspense story it is a very interesting story and we are all enjoying it. Weare reading this story to help us with our suspense stories, which are allcoming along brilliantly. Room 13 is one of our favourite books already (andwe’ve just started it). The story is about a school residential to Whitby whereshe gets scared about Dracula. Is he real? We can't wait to find out more!

By Jacob 6AP


This week in English we have been looking at suspense. We watched two short films called Alma and Francis. We wrote a sequel to Alma and in pairs we wrote a short suspense story about somebody in an abandoned cinema. Miss Norris was very impressed with our suspense stories!

In book study we are reading Room 13. We are about halfway through already. We have read up to the part where the main character Fliss finds another girl with two bite sized scabs on her neck.

In other exciting news, we would like to congratulate Miss Norris who got engaged this weekend!!!

-Rhiannon y6H/N


This week we stared reading a book called THE BOY IN THE TOWER by Polly Ho-Yen.Its about a boy called Ade who lives in the flats on the 17th floor. Blutchers are demolishing buildings they are plants with big leaves and purple flowers.His mum is sick and hurt we wonder what will happen next.

by Piper and Jasper Y6

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