Friday 22nd November

A big well done to our stars of the week. They have been impressing their teachers with their hard work, great attitudes and excellent pieces of work.

We were also very excited to announce the team captains and vice captains. the results are as follows...





On Friday 15th November, we helped to raise money for Children in Need. In 6SW, we wrote promise cards for the children in Mrs Wymer's Y4 class. We wrote "Your rights = my rights. I promise to respect your rights. Thank you for respecting mine." These promise cards helped to remind us that we are a Rights Respecting School.

Miranda took part in a sponsored silence for the day and successfully raised over £30. Miranda admits, "It was very hard, because I'm a chatterbox! Thank you to all who donated!" She did a really good job and we are delighted with her efforts.

During the morning and again in our P.E. lesson, we took part in Joe Wick's Schools' Workout, which was fun but quite tiring too. It helped that we were all wearing our sporty and spotty non-uniform outfits.

It was a fantastic day and we helped to raise lots of money for a really great cause.


in Y6HN we have been writing our Lady Macbeth diary entries this week. Today we will be writing these pieces of work in our best work books.

Also today some of our class are going to the athletics competition which we won last time. They’re competing track and field events.

In ICT we are working on scratch to create a game involving how to be safe on the internet. At the moment we are choosing the backgrounds and sprites.

During Book Study we are reading Kensuke’s kingdom. It is about a boy called Michael who goes on a trip with his parents and his dog [Stella]. But then he gets stranded on an island where he meets a man called Kensuke who has also been stranded as well but not at the same time. It looks like Kensuke has been there much longer than Michael. He gives him food because Michael can’t find anything. He later discovers that kensuke doesn’t like fire and shouts at Michael because of it. This is as far as we have read in the book.

On Friday last week, it was Children In Need, we had a fantastic day. There was a bake sale at first break and last break. There was also an assembly where we made a big circle and took a photo. As a school we raised over £1000.

Whole School Art Y6NL.

Our Whole School Art theme this time is 'Fantastic creatures'. In 6NL, we made mermaids / mermen. Firstly, we blocked out the outline of the body; we all used acrylic paint and mixed our own colours. After that, we painted the sea in greeny - blue paint. Then, we painted the inside of the body, leaving the tail blank. Later, we collaged the tail, using lots of different kinds of paper. Finally, we painted the face and added tiny details. We also used gold and silver pens and glitter to make our paintings sparkle. Here are some photos of the beautiful art work decorating our school.

Can you spot our mermaids / mermen?

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