Friday 27th November

The Year 6s may have mentioned on Thursday that we had the opportunity to listen to a guest speaker via zoom, Judith Gordon. She explained that she is a second generation Jewish refugee whose mother and father were lucky enough to leave Austria in 1938 to seek refuge within South Yorkshire. We listened carefully, intrigued as she told us all about her family's difficult and often tragic circumstances and how her mother only escaped Austria due to the toss of a coin which meant that her sister had to stay but she was fortunate enough to be given a visa to leave and live in England. This helps us to appreciate the horrific realities of World War 2 and the experiences which people and their families were forced in to, and it helps us to be more empathetic individuals. We certainly learned a lot from her.

All of Y6 are busy practising our Christmas carols for when we go to sing outside Porter Brook Care Home. A special well done goes to those of us who have volunteered to play musical instruments to accompany some of the songs. Thursday's outdoor rehearsal was very cold but was starting to sound great.

In 6RJ we have started making infographics in our ICT lessons. This is when you represent some data using images so it is more interesting than a table or bar chart. We have started making infographics about the height of animals and next week we will be researching information about WWII to put into an infographic.

Earlier this week, we learnt all about the Battle of Britain and have started putting together our own shadow puppet shows to tell the story of what happened.

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