Friday 27th September

In year 6, we have been learning all about World War 2. We learnt about a young girl called Anne Frank. Anne Frank was a Jewish-German girl that became famous for the diary she wrote whilst she was hiding from the Nazis. Her father, who was interviewed years later, told the BBC that he often received messages from people praising Anne Frank for how influential she was (especially the way she never gave up hope of people being kind again). We have also learned about the struggles Jewish people experienced in the Second World War and the way the Nazi soldiers treated them. Kristallnacht (the night of the broken glass) was a night when Hitler and his men destroyed many of Jewish people's homes and shops.

As well as this, we have also been writing Biographies in English. We got to choose whoever we wanted to write about and what information we put in about the person. We have just finished our improvements, and some of us are even writing these in our brand new best writing books!

Esme and Izzy


The Haka.

In Y6NL, we have been learning a dance called The Haka. It is a traditional war dance from new Zealand which was used to scare the enemy. The New Zealand Rugby team, called the All Blacks, do it before every game to scare the other team. This week we have been practising the moves, working in formation and adding our own sections to the dance. Mrs Loosley said we looked very scary.

We have also been working on the Global Goals for sustainable development. There are 17 goals which we want to achieve by 2030 to make the world a better place. Our goal was about innovation and infrastructure. We made a poster for the whole school display to explain what this goal is all about.

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