Friday 29th November

In Y6 we have spent some time discussing 'e-safety' and how to be respectful using mobile phones and on the internet. We looked at a very useful website: and watched several clips giving us relevant and important advice about:

"5 things to know about getting your first phone"

"The Own It app helps you take control of your online life!"

and we took part in a quiz:

"Quiz: Is what you're posting online mean?"

It would be great if our parents could find some time to discuss this important advice with us also, so that we are all being as respectful as possible, at all times; on and off the internet.


On Friday morning Y6HN went into the woods. After a couple of games of hide and seek we practiced our Macbeth witches spells ready to be filmed.

We thought hard about how we could film these with lots of us including props and make up (mainly mud). We think they have turned out brilliantly!

We then had hot chocolate to end our very cold but fun morning.

In Y6CP, we did dragon eyes for our whole school art. We made these by first drawing and painting them. After this, we used clay to really bring them to life! Our dragon eyes are on display around the school and in our classroom. We hope lots of people get the chance to see them!

We have made our dragon eyes look as vibrant and detailed as possible! I really enjoyed how much everyone supported each other along the way as we all made a few mistakes on our artistic journey. We have learnt a lot from this. For example: it doesn't always have to look exactly like the model we used; sometimes the little differences are what make our own work unique. Also, we learned not to rush our work and instead took it as a time to enjoy creating our art pieces.

We learnt a lot of new techniques. My favourite was how to use a sponge to give the dragon scaly skin. I was really impressed with my parnter's work; he had added veins to his.
Our teachers were so proud of all of our work! Mr Bradshaw even said we were the talk of the staff room because of our fantastic dragon eyes!

Jessica (6CP)

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