Friday 4th December

6SW have had a great week. We have been practising singing festive songs ready for next Friday afternoon, when we will be singing outside Porter Brook Care Home. The children have thoughtfully decorated their 'Heart cards' so that we can help cheer up the residents during these difficult times. (Reminder: can these be returned to school as soon as possible please).

In maths, we have also developed our understanding of converting fractions, decimals and percentages and during English lessons, we have written some fantastic diaries from the perspective of Lady Macbeth. We considered what her response would be if she had received correspondence from Macbeth explaining the Witches' prophecies. We are busy editing these, ready to publish them in our best writing books next week.

We have enjoyed exploring 'repeat and forever loop' controls using Scratch to make our own games, which teach the rules of internet safety, (such as not giving out personal information and not believing everything that we read online). We are really progressing with our coding skills and many of us enjoy the challenge of debugging issues in our code.

6RJ have had a busy week. We practised singing 'White Christmas' as best we could in the hope that it might bring snow. Amazingly, the next day, we did have snow. This really helped us to get in to the mood when we imagined the heath in Scotland where Macbeth met the three witches!

In art, we have studied WWII propaganda posters and started creating our own. We thought about the types of messages that the government wanted to get across to the public during the war. We also considered the difference between German and British propaganda and the reasons for this. We will continue with this next week but here are the start of some of our posters:

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