Friday 4th October

Y6 visit to the National Holocaust Centre.

Last Friday, we visited this amazing museum as part of our topic 'World War 2 Through different eyes.' We all learnt a lot of information about this time in history and were able to see actual objects from that time. We also found out the important lessons that we can learn from the events that happened.


"We liked the trip to the Holocaust Centre because we learned loads of facts. We also learned about different people's stories of how they survived the war, and we even got to meet a real living Holocaust survivor named Bob.He told us about how his dad saved his life by staying as a Hungarian citizen. He told us that his Hungarian citizenship saved his family. It saved them because Germany was on friendly terms with Hungary. The family were able to leave danger and came to live in England. Bob has two children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren."

by Harry and Nathan.

"On our trip to the Holocaust Centre, we liked learning about Leo Stein and his battle during World War II. We saw what it was like to be in his position and how horrible it must have been to be a Jewish person living in Germany. We also learned about all the bad laws that the Nazis were making to make it hard for the Jews. We found out about a terrible event called Kristallnacht (the Night Of Broken Glass ). We found out how hard it would have been for Leo to leave all his family and his best friend Fritz to live a new country and learn a whole new language in the matter of a few weeks. The Kindertransport saved his life though, so it was worth."

By Lucy and Hannah.


Last week, we experienced a trip to the National Holocaust Centrein Newark. We had a full day to find out about the interesting and yet horrificevents that happened during the Holocaust. A man named Bob came in to tell usabout his life story, as he was an evacuee from Czechoslovakia.

As soon as wearrived at the museum, we were confused by a huge pile of pebbles. We soonlearned that every visitor to the museum has the opportunity to lay anotherpebble to represent the children's lives which were unfairly taken during WorldWar 2.

We alsotook part in activities through real life scenarios of a fictional characternamed Leo and his diary. The exhibitions included artifacts which have beendonated or loaned to the museum by Holocaust survivors.


"I loved the National Holocaust centre.There was many educational rooms and spaces to show what life was really like at the time. My favorite thing about it was speaking to Bob Norton,a Holocaust survivor, about his life. It taught me however different we are to always treat each other the same"

Phoebe Y6HN

"I really enjoyed the holocaust centre. It was very attention grabbing. However there were things that upset me like how Hitler treated the Jews.My favorite part was when we found a hiding place. It was really exciting. There were lots of rooms telling us information.

Zach Y6 H/N

Stars of the Week

Well done to our fantastic 'Stars of the Week'! The theme across the classes this week was those children who showed great respect whilst on our visit to the National Holocaust Centre. It was lovely to see so many of our children demonstrating our RRS values whilst on the visit.

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