Friday 6th November

Friday 6th November,

As 6SW have returned to school after our home based learning, we have been catching up on the assessments which the other classes completed before the holidays and we have also found time to relax with some mindfulness colouring and activities. We completed the week with an entertaining and inspiring talent show.

Our Rights Respecting School's Class Charter is now on display in the classroom and we have created some fantastic ideas for individual APP designs. To ensure that the display looks like Emily's winning electronic device design, we chose to incorporate the four main RRS articles as our focused apps: The right to LEARN (Safari), PLAY (Music), STAY SAFE (Mail) and RESPECT (Chat), so that it looks like an iPad.


This week on Tuesday, we came back to school and in maths, we did short division. On that day, we also edited our flashback stories about World War II; some were really good.

In the afternoon, we read a chapter of the book ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ and after we did 10 questions for our book study and we started our class charter: AMONG US.

On Wednesday, we did long division. It was quite challenging but we all got through it. After break we started writing up in neat our World War 2 flashback stories. We also did an investigation in science about shadows.

On Thursday, we had Mrs Farrell all morning. First, we began playing football in P.E.; after that, we learnt about the Creation Story in Christianity and Judaism. After lunch, we did a math's practice test.

On Friday, we carried on doing long division but converted

remainders to fractions and decimals. After break, we did ICT to do our presentations on inspirational black people as part of Black History Month.

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