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The Y3 teachers are Mrs Dutton & Mrs de Brouwer (3D/dB), Miss Hayden (3RH), Mrs Holden (3SH) and Miss Wall (3AW). We have several Teaching Assistants who work with Y3 children at different times through the week: Miss Mahon, Mr Bartholomew, Mrs Dawes and Miss Kania.

We will use this blog to keep you up-to-date with all the exciting things that we do in Year 3, share some of the things that the children learn and show you some of their fantastic work. We hope you enjoy reading it!

The Y3 team.

Decorated Egg Competition

Published: Apr 01, 2021

The Easter decorated egg competition is a Lydgate Junior School tradition that is held at the end of the Spring term every year. This year was no exception - we just had to hold the competition virtually due to the current restrictions on visitors to school. We were so impressed with all of the Y3…

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Puppet making

Published: Mar 30, 2021

This half term, we have been looking at different types of puppets for our design technology lessons. The children tried lots of ways of joining materials and learned how to use basic sewing stitches.

They then designed and made their own hand puppets. Some designs even had removable parts…

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Adventure Story Writing

Published: Mar 26, 2021

Throughout this half term, we have enjoyed reading lots of different adventure stories and thinking about how the authors build a sense of danger and excitement for the reader. The children collected words and phrases and used images and video clips to inspire them to create their own stories. They…

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The Lion Inside

Published: Mar 12, 2021

As we welcomed all of the children back to school, we started by sharing a lovely story called The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright. This is the story of a shy little mouse who sets out on a journey to find his roar and discovers that even the smallest creature can have the heart of a lion. The message…

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Writing poetry at home and at school

Published: Feb 09, 2021

As part of our unit of work on poetry this week, the children in Y3 read 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright (you can watch Kit Wright read the poem at https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zkpmhyc). They then used their imagination to think of things…

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RRS Class Charters

Published: Jan 15, 2021

This term, the children in Year 3 have been learning about what it means to be a Rights Respecting School, with a particular focus on the right to an education (Articles 28 & 29), the right to play (Article 31), the right to be safe (Articles 19 & 24) and the right to be respected (Articles 12, 14…

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Happy Holiday

Published: Dec 18, 2020

Well done to all Year 3s for your hard work in your first term in the Junior school.

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Tree art

Published: Dec 17, 2020

To finish off our art topic on trees, we made 3D trees this week out of brown paper bags. We used our observations of the shapes and textures of winter trees to cut and twist the paper into shape. We then used tissue paper to cover the ground and added some glitter to make them sparkle. We are proud…

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Division using arrays

Published: Dec 11, 2020

We have been thinking about multiplication and division structures this week. We started with the problem of sharing 12 sweets between two people (partitive division). We drew pictures to show how we did this, for example: We compared this with division as grouping (quotitive division), for example,…

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Homework - Time

Published: Dec 11, 2020

Later in Y3, we will be working on telling the time. We will be starting with some practise on recognising o'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to. You will have brought home a sheet showing Father Christmas' timetable. To revise what you already know, we would like you to fill in the times on…

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