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Friday 22nd July

Published: Jul 22, 2022

Well, we have come to the end of our school year and what a year it has been! The Y5 staff are all very proud of the children and everything they have achieved this year. We can see that they are ready for Year 6 and feel sure that they will have a great time. Their new teachers are very lucky to…

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Friday 15th March

Published: Jul 15, 2022

On Wednesday, some of the Y5 girls were invited to watch the Sweden vs Switzerland match in the Women's European Championships. We all had a wonderful time at the event especially chanting, "Sweden, Sweden, Sweden!" with…

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Friday 8th July 2022

Published: Jul 08, 2022

On Wednesday, we got to release our butterflies. We watched them for weeks as they developed from caterpillars to cocoons and finally emerged as butterflies. It was sad seeing them go but it was also happy because they…

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Friday 1st July

Published: Jul 01, 2022

This week in Y5NC, we had a great time gathering ideas for our Water Carrier paintings. We looked at pictures of African people carrying water containers and the clever ways that they do this. We then tried to copy some of their body positions and did some sketches of each other, focusing on the shapes…

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Friday 24th June 2022

Published: Jun 24, 2022

This week, Y5WR had a great time visiting Grimm and Co. Lots of great writing was done by everyone and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was fantastic to see the children work together to produce a story which they had…

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Friday 17th June, 2022

Published: Jun 17, 2022

This has been a really exciting and busy week of learning in Year 5. 

Mosque visit. 

On Wednesday, we took an informative trip to a local mosque. Inside, we saw a huge crystal and gold chandelier, worth…

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Friday 10th June, 2022 update

Published: Jun 12, 2022

Y5WR had a great time exploring the local surroundings during our very successful River Walk last half term. We were able to use our geographical skills to measure a variety of varients as we made our way along the river.…

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Friday 10th June, 2022

Published: Jun 10, 2022

Welcome back to our final half term in Y5. We have a very busy and exciting half term planned. 

Next week, on Wednesday 15.6.22, we will be visiting a mosque, as part of our R.E. work on places of worship. Please remember that females will need a head covering. 

We are also having…

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Friday 27th May, 2022

Published: May 27, 2022

Last week, five of our lovely Y5 girls went to EIS, to train as Football Activators in school. They took part in a range of games, to get them thinking about how they could implement activites to get others involved in playing football. This was all about inclusivity - making sure that both boys and…

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Friday 20th May, 2022

Published: May 20, 2022

This week in Y5NL, we have been writing newspaper reports about The Great Sheffield Flood. We have been doing a lot of work about this, over the last two weeks, to get us ready for the writing. Some of the things we have done are: looking at newspapers, watching a video, making dramas, choosing vocabulary…

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