Y3 Home Learning wc18-5-20

Here is the next set of activities to try at home in the coming week. Please remember that there is no pressure to complete the all of activities on this plan.

The final maths activity is a creative one that involves the children using their MATHS EYES! Can you take a photograph of something that shows fractions in some way then email it to us, telling us what fractions you have shown? It could be anything that has equal parts: slices of a cake (what fraction does each person get?), number of strawberries in a bowl (if I eat 2, what fraction is that?), tiles on the floor (what fraction of each colour?), or you could build something (Lego, Minecraft, etc). Remember: Start by thinking about how many parts are in the whole (the denominator), then think about how many parts you have got (the numerator). We would love to share your photos on this blog, so please email them to us by next Friday.

We hope you enjoy the things we have set for you this week and we look forward to hearing from you. Have a good week.

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